Victoria Lamborn LPN, WCC, CLT

I am a nurse with a decade of experience, with a specialty in wound care. After I also became certified in Lymphedema therapy and began treatments with patients it became clear to me that there is a need for further education on this topic. Most patients are only given minimal information at their immediate diagnosis, leaving most unable to properly care for their Lymphedema long term.

Not all Lymphedema patients are able to care for this themselves, or just haven’t been properly taught how to. Not every patient has family available to help, or maybe they do but they need a few lessons to better help. Not every patient can get out to attend out patient clinics for these treatments. Not every patient can afford expensive treatment costs at those clinics as most insurances do not cover the cost of long term Lymphedema treatments or garment costs.

I saw a need in the community for Lymphedema education, therapy and consultation at a much more affordable rate then the average costs. That’s where I can help. I am happy to assist you and your loved ones in your Lymphedema journey to keep you happy, healthy and with the best possible quality of life.

There isn’t a cure for Lymphedema but it can absolutely be managed. I am here to help you manage yours, in a way individual to your needs. That was my vision when starting The Edema Nurse, to help people.

What is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT)?

A Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) is someone who already holds an active medical license, such as a doctor, nurse, physical, occupational or massage therapist. They must then complete a training course that is specific for lymphedema. According to The Lymphology Association of North America (LANA), courses should have, “a minimum of 135 hours of coursework in Complete Decongestion Therapy (CDT) with one third consisting of theoretical instruction in anatomy and physiology of the lymphatics, and two thirds being significant hands-on instruction”.



Contact us to make your appointment.


All appointments are completed in your home, let me come to you, making the entire process that much easier on you.


I will provide assistance with all aspects of your lymphedema journey.


Education for you and your family, as well as care givers is an important step during this journey.

Education is Important


  • Education

    Educating you and your family or care givers on diagnosis and treatment.

  • Compression Graps

    Application of multi-layer compression wraps with progression into compression garnments (both standard and custom).

  • Measuring

    Measuring/Fitting of garnments as exact measurements are essential to achieve a perfect fit, as well as assistance in developing and appropriate remedial exercise program

  • Assistance

    I am happy to assist you with any or all of these needs as your treatment progresses.

Please note that some medical conditions will require your physician’s approval. I am happy to coordinate all services with your medical team as needed.